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SMOKE OR FIRE "Beauty Fades" LP

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Smoke Or Fire were formed in Boston, MA during the late 90s alongside countless bands in the Boston underground scene. Smoke Or Fire delivered their unique brand of heartfelt emotional punk that included complex layered guitars, dirty vocals, and lyrics that ranged from deeply personal topics to social criticisms of war and politics. The songs often drew comparisons to bands like Avail, Hot Water Music, and Against Me! Although, Smoke Or Fire brought their own unique take on the genre with catchy melodies, and sing along choruses. 

The band was originally called Jericho and released their debut EP “Worker’s Union” on Iodine Recordings in 2002. After a drawn-out lawsuit from a Christian Rock band bearing the same name, the band was forced to change their name to Smoke Or Fire. After several US tours with bands like Against Me! and Avail, Smoke Or Fire relocated to Richmond, VA where they caught the attention of the iconic NOFX record label Fat Wreck Chords. They signed to Fat and remained through their career, releasing three full lengths: Above the City (produced by Fat Mike/NOFX), This Sinking Ship, and The Speakeasy. Smoke Or Fire was praised by music critics, and revered by fans for capturing a raw energy and a genuine approach to punk music. 

Smoke Or Fire toured relentlessly over their twenty-plus year history, with numerous US and European tours, sharing the stage regularly with bands such as: Against Me!, Dillinger Four, Hot Water Music, Descendents, Anti-Flag, NOFX, Silverstein, Rise Against, Bad Religion, and The Ataris (just to name a few…). 

“Beauty Fades” is a collection of out of print and unreleased tracks from Smoke Or Fire. Side A includes their debut Iodine EP “Worker’s Union” which was completely remixed and remastered at New Alliance Studios in Boston, MA. Side B includes seven rare or unreleased tracks that span the history of the band, including the EP “Rises in the East” which was never released, but included a number of songs that were in the band’s live set throughout their tenure. The entire collection is being pressed on vinyl for the first time ever. Complete with all new artwork and packaging. 

“Beauty Fades” documents some of the best moments of the band’s legacy with fist-pumping anthems and emotional interludes. Singer Joe McMahon remains adamant that these are the best songs he ever wrote, which capture a youthful energy and idealism that is fleeting for us all. 

"Distinctive hooks, infectious melodies and fist-pumping choruses: It’s all here, and it sounds damn near perfect." – ALTERNATIVE PRESS

01. Sunday Pints
02. Beauty Fades
03. 50 Cent Hearts
04. Second Wind
05. Running in Circles
06. They All Go to California
07. Modesty
08. Nowhere to Go But Up
09. Hand Me Downs
10. Written to be Read
11. Live On
12. Someone Said We Flew
13. Oxygen

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