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DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT "Noktvrn" CD + DVD Collector's Box

Collector's edition in deluxe clamshell box (with rainbow color play foil) holding 'NOKTVRN' on CD with bonus DVD ('Live at European Metal Festival Alliance 2020') in Digipak + metal pin (55mm wide, 2 butterfly clutches), 3 hologram stickers and download card with access to the HD recording of 'Live at European Metal Festival Alliance 2020' limited to 3,500 copies worldwide - ALL ITEMS ARE EXCLUSIVE TO THIS BOX

Progressive, avant-garde black metal experimentalists DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT have never stopped smashing through the boundaries of the genre they’ve called home since forming in early 2009. And with 2021 welcoming the release of fifth album, Noktvrn, the Germans are looking to expand the minds and perspectives of their ever-increasing fanbase, similar to how they pushed themselves in every element of the new album’s creation. Ironically, supporters being able to pay witness to the leaps and bounds the band has made over the course of 12 years, five albums and one EP and live recordings should count themselves lucky for being able to do so. DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT may have existed and thrived over the course of that time, but forging on beyond its self-titled debut wasn’t part of guitarist/vocalist/mastermind Nikita Kamprad’s original plan.

01. Finisterre II (01:52)
02. Monument (06:46)
03. Am Rande der Dunkelheit (08:18)
04. Immortal (06:50)
05. Morgen (07:00)
06. Gegen das Licht (11:13)
07. Haven (05:45)


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