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THE DRAFT "In A Million Pieces" 2xLP

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GENRE - Punk

In 2006, THE DRAFT was formed by Hot Water Music members Jason Black, George Rebelo, and Chris Wollard shortly after singer/guitarist Chuck Ragan's departure. The three remaining members of the band wanted to continue making music together but chose not to continue under the Hot Water Music name, opting for a fresh start instead. The initial writing and demo sessions included the legendary punk rock guitarist Brian Baker (known for Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion). However, due to conflicting schedules, Baker couldn't commit as a full-time member, leading fellow Florida resident and former Discount member Todd Rockhill to join the band.

After releasing their debut album "In a Million Pieces" (produced by the esteemed Brian McTernan) on Epitaph Records in 2006, the band embarked on extensive tours with acts like Samiam, The Gaslight Anthem, and Paint It Black. They also released several singles on the renowned No Idea Label before disbanding in 2008.

With both "In a Million Pieces" and all 7" records being out of print for years, THE DRAFT has now teamed up with End Hits Records and Equal Vision Records to release a deluxe vinyl version on double vinyl. For the first time, you can find every track ever recorded by THE DRAFT: Included are the twelve album tracks, six songs featured on three 7" records, two unreleased demo versions, as well as four songs recorded during a radio session in the UK that have never been released before.

Not only were all songs remastered specifically for vinyl by Brian McTernan, and detailed liner notes have been added to tell the band's history from beginning to end, but the packaging has also been completely overhauled.

A special feature for collectors: the European and American versions come in different gatefold covers, which together form a complete work of art. In addition, both End Hits Records and Equal Vision Records will offer the double album in several different extravagant vinyl variations.


01. New Eyes Open
02. Lo Zee Rose
03. Let It Go
04. Alive Or Dead
05. Bordering
06. Impossible
07. Wired
08. Not What I Wanna Do
09. All We Can Count On
10. Out Of Tune
11. Longshot
12. The Tide Is Out
13. Stop Wastin’ My Time
14. Up All Night
15. Devil In The Shade
16. Na Na Na
17. We’ll Never Know
18. Hard To Be Around It
19. Bordering (Demo)
20. Up All Night (Demo)
21. New Eyes Open (Live Radio Session)
22. Wired (Live Radio Session)
23. Lo Zee Rose (Live Radio Session)
24. Alive Or Dead (Live Radio Session)

Pressing Information:
35x Testpress
27x Liquid Filled Vinyl
55x Crystal Clear w/ Screenprinted Cover (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Multicolored Modular Splatter / Marble Grey-Silver  (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Half/Half (Pink/Blue) (End Hits Exclusive)
100x Color in Color (Black in Aqua Blue) (End Hits Exclusive)
200x Orange with Black Splatter (EU Retail)

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