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MARC UÅ "Hardoes: Superheroes of Hardcore" Book

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GENRE - Hardcore

Soft cover, 120 pages (full colour) 

Hardoes: Superheroes of HardCore features 109 (!) hardcore superheroes uniquely drawn by the super talented graphics artist Marc UÅ. Marc has been into hardcore forever, and his work has been covering record covers, shirts, soda cans and even restaurants.

The book, printed in full colour, has 120 perforated pages so that you can easily tear out your favourite superheroes and put them on your wall.

Featuring the bands in alphabetical order: Abhinanda, Ace Edge, Afi, Anklebiter, Anxious, Axe To Grind, Blood Command, Bloodhound Gang, Brand Of Sacrifice, Candy, Carpenter Brut, Cave In, Chastity, Chisel, Clique, Code Orange, Combust, Converge, Despize, Destiny Bond, Domain, Drain, Drug Church, Earth Crisis, End It, Eternal Sleep, Fiddlehead, Firewalker, Fleshwater, Foreign Hands, Gatecreeper, Gel, Gods Hate, Gouge Away, Harms Way, Hatebreed, Higher Power, High Vis, Hole, Holyname, Incendiary, Inclination, Initiate, Ithaca, Jesus Piece, Jivebomb, King Nine, Knocked Loose, Koyo, Kublai Khan, Last Wishes, Life’s Question, Madball, Magnitude, Mannequin Pussy, Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Meet Me @ The Altar, Momentum, Ms Paint, Nasty, Never Ending Game, New Found Glory, Night Verses, No Cure, No Pressure, Offspring, One Step Closer, Origami Angel, Paint Of Truth, Pit Barbie, Poison The Well, Regulate, Sawed Off, Scarab, Scott Vogel, Scowl, Section H8, Shapel Lacey, Shelter, Simulakra, Snapcase, Spaced, Speed, Speedway, Spiritworld, Strife, Sunami, Seeyouspacecowboy, Throwdown, Terror , Touche Amore, Trail Of Lies, Trapped Under Ice, Trasht Alk, Trench, Turnstile, Twitching Tongues, Vein.Fm, Webbed Wing, World Of Pleasure, Xibalba, Xweaponx, Yasi Salek Rob Harvilla, Year Of The Knife, Zulu

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