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DON'T SLEEP "See Change" LP

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GENRE - Hardcore


Whoever said lightning only strikes once clearly has not met Dave Smalley.

From being right in the middle at the birth of US hardcore punk with DYS to creating the blueprint of melodic hardcore with DAG NASTY, from helping to invent pop punk as we know it with ALL to finding himself in the middle of the west coast punk explosion of the 90s with DOWN BY LAW: Smalley was always on the forefront every time hardcore punk pushed its envelope.

While others may use a legacy like that as an excuse to take it a little slower, Dave Smalley has no intention to rest on his laurels and keeps writing new music and releasing records.

When he founded DON’T SLEEP with fellow East Coast punk rockers Garrett Rothman, Tony Bavaria, Jim Bedorf and Tom McGrath in 2017, the world was more than excited about seeing him front a fast yet melodic hardcore band again.

Being motivated by immensely positive feedback, DON’T SLEEP was finally ready to release its debut album “Turn the Tide” in 2020. And then the world came to a grinding halt. But after the dust settled, all five members decided that DON’T SLEEP was too important to not overcome all obstacles thrown in their way.

The five piece went back into the rehearsal room, finished 8 original songs and added an amazing TOM PETTY cover to the mix. The result is DON’T SLEEP’s second full length “See Change” and it will see the light of day on Friday June 2nd 2023 worldwide via End Hits Records.

It is a record that combines all elements you have liked about Dave Smalley’s music in the past while sounding incredibly contemporary in the here and now.

“DON’T SLEEP is very much a combination of five distinct friends coming together and making a unique sound,” Smalley says. “It is a rare thing to have such cool synergy and energy and end up focused like a laser beam. It is powerful, melodic and purposeful. We respect and love the common roots we all grew up in and are coming together to make a sound with that as our foundation, but also looking to the future and growing.”


Vinyl Version:
01. Harrisburg Graves
02. Promise Made
03. Dead On The Inside
04. Outside In
05. Runnin Down a Dream
06. 20.20
07. Generation
08. Love Is The Suture
09. Time To Fight

CD Version:
01. Harrisburg Graves
02. Promise Made
03. Dead On The Inside
04. Outside In
05. Runnin Down a Dream
06. 20.20
07. Generation
08. Love Is The Suture
09. Time To Fight
10. Bring The Light
11. Lazarus
12. Hypocrite
13. Arise
14. Reckoning
15. Jetstream Days
16. All The Way To Nowhere
17. Bloody But Unbroken

Pressing Information:
50x Test Press


125x Seafoam w/ Screenprinted Cover (End Hits Exclusive)
200x Pacific Blue (EU Retail)
125x Gold (Coretex Exclusive)

100x Purple (Deathwish Exclusive)
200x Carrot (US Retail)
200x Yellow (REV HQ Exclusivie)
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