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CULT LEADER "A Patient Man" LP


Cult Leader is a chaotic band from Salt Lake City, Utah. “A Patient Man” was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge, Nails, High On Fire). From the first hits of opener “I Am Healed” Cult Leader take listeners on a sonic rollercoaster ride. Much of the album follows this blueprint. Songs like “Curse of Satisfaction”, “Craft of Mourning”, and “Share My Pain” are driven by a weave work of unorthodox metallic riffing and fueled by hyper-aggressive percussion. While the tech- nical proficiency is impressive, it’s in their use of dynamics where they truly shine. The album contains four beautifully brooding epics; “To: Achlys”, “A World of Joy”, title track “A Patient Man”, and “The Broken Right Hand of God”. Each one of them carries a maturation and sense of melody that few “extreme” bands have within their arsenal. Proving that aggressive music still has much to offer the world in terms of originality, creativity, and emotion.

01. I Am Healed 
02. Curse of Satisfaction 
03. Isolation in the Land of Milk and Honey 
04. To: Achlys 
05. A World Of Joy 
06. Craft of Mourning 
07. Share My Pain 
08. Aurum Reclusa 
09. A Patient Man 
10. The Broken Right Hand of God

Pressing Information:

First Press: 
300 x White / Clear Split w/ White Splatter (Deathwish Exclusive) 
300 x Opaque Red In Clear (Deathwish Europe Exclusive) 
300 x Transparent Red w/ Black & White Splatter (Tour Exclusive) 
1000 x Opaque Red / Black Mix (Indie Store Exclusive) 
∞ - Black

500 x Red Shell Cassette Tape

Second Press: 
1000 x Transparent Red / White / Black - Tri-Color


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