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CREMATIONS "Dissolution Of Balance" CD

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RECORD LABEL - Isolation

Cremations debut full length 'Dissolution Of Balance' is an intense escapade of metallic hardcore on a number of levels. Formed in 2016 and featuring members of Empty Vision, Downfall of Gaia and King Apathy, the Hanover based band have consolidated their efforts into a hard hitting and concise body of work. Their first EP 1417 which was released in the Winter of 2017 provided close to 15 vigorous minutes of aggressive and atmospheric charm. This was merely a taste of what was to come. Heavier and more intense than their previous offering, this album is already a standout release of 2020. Taking a consistent approach musically, lyrically and visually has led to a unified opus and another step up for this colossal group.

From the outset you can tell that there is more on offer here than your standard hardcore record. It skilfully fuses punk sensibility with metal persuasion. The songs get straight to the point and are executed with the utmost fury. No intros or interludes, just 100% rage. Lyrically, a dark and misanthropic theme is established from the outset and built upon over the course of the album.  The artwork is a clear visual representation of the lyrical content and these bleak sentiments are matched by the album title; describing an imbalance of a planet that is rapidly disintegrating. Appealing to fans of All Pigs Must Die, Rise And Fall, Trap Them and The Hope Conspiracy, this is a diverse release with potential to become a timeless classic due to the focused result and the ageless subject matter - the perennial destructive nature of society. Unfortunately it seems like there will never be a time when the exploitation of mankind and its environment will not be a relevant subject matter and this has clearly inspired and affected the band. David Deutsch/1408 Productions captured the sonic excellence at Waveland Studio in Hanover and mastering was performed by Alan Douches at West West Side in New York, USA (Baroness, Black Breath, Mastodon). The aforementioned album cover photo was taken by Maik Przyklenk and clearly communicates the subject matter at hand. 

01. Nothing
02. Vanishing Self
03. Beneath The Soil
04. Aftermath
05. Broken Shell
06. Dehumanized
07. Secure And Safe
08. No Salvation
09. Among Wolves
10. Dissolution Of Balance

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