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JESUS PIECE "...So Unknown" LP €24.99
JUDICIARY "Flesh + Blood" LP €26.99
FULL OF HELL & PRIMITIVE MAN "Suffocating Hallucination" LP €29.99
GRAVE PLEASURES "Plagueboys" LP €25.99
LOWEST CREATURE "3-Song Promo" Tape €9.99
DAWN RAY'D "To Know The Light" LP €26.99
SIGHTLESS PIT "Lockstep Bloodwar" LP €32.99
SOFT KILL "Canary Yellow" LP €29.99
ZULU "A New Tomorrow" LP €24.99
SANGUISUGABOGG "Homicidal Ecstasy" LP from €23.99
SCALP "Black Tar" LP €32.99
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200 STAB WOUNDS "Slave To The Scalpel" LP
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200 STAB WOUNDS "Piles Of Festering Decomposition" LP €24.99
DOODSESKADER "Year One" LP €24.99
SOUL BLIND "Feel It All Around" LP €24.99
DEADBODY "The Requiem" LP €29.99
WAYS AWAY "Torch Songs" LP €24.99
REGULATE "Regulate" LP €24.99
VERMIN WOMB "Retaliation" LP €26.99
INCLINATION "Unaltered Perspective" LP from €29.99
BRUTUS "Unison Life" LP €25.99
MINDFORCE "New Lords" LP from €25.99
GLEEMER "Here At All" EP €21.99
RUSSIAN CIRCLES "Gnosis" LP €27.99
PASSTHRU "What Does It Make You Feel?" LP €14.99 €19.99
PRIMITIVE MAN "Insurmountable" 12" €24.99
EMMA RUTH RUNDLE "EG2: Dowsing Voice" LP from €27.99
REDEMPTION DENIED "Where Dead Ends Meet" LP €21.99
BE WELL "Hello Sun" 12" €20.99
CONJURER "Pathos" 2xLP €29.99
SUNDOWNING "In The Light Of Defeat, I Cease To Exist" LP €16.99 €21.99
ABSENT IN BODY "Plague God" LP €29.99
MIZMOR "Wit's End" LP + DVD €24.99
VEIN.FM "This World Is Going To Ruin You" LP €24.99
AMENRA "De Doorn - Second Version" 2xLP €32.99
CULT OF LUNA "The Long Road North" 2xLP €29.99
SUNN O))) "Metta, Benevolence BBC6 Live : On The Invitation Of Mary Anne Hobbs" 2xLP from €31.99
CONVERGE "Blood Moon: I" 2xLP €34.99
DOWNFALL OF GAIA "Silhouettes Of Disgust" LP €23.99
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE "Dedicated To The Next World" 10" €24.99
ENFORCED "War Remains" LP €22.99