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OBSTRUKTION "Monarchs Of Decay" LP

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GENRE - Hardcore
RECORD LABEL - Isolation

Obstruktion are the latest band to declare their intentions to the world with their debut album, 'Monarchs of Decay'. Based out of Gothenburg and featuring a number of Swedish hardcore veterans and luminaries, this band have drawn influence from the music of their formative youth and have finely honed this sound using their many years of experience and cumulative musical wealth. The result is an album of utmost severity and vigour that tears through social constructs to disclose the arrogance of the privileged. 

The band don't strive for a particular genre/sound and instead have made sure to create something unique and fresh while still paying homage to their predecessors. Appealing to fans of Hatebreed, Bitter End, Obituary, Harm's Way and Earth Crisis, their tightly knit sound transgresses the boundaries of musical trends.

There is a strict no filler approach with songs such as Monarchs of Decay hitting hard from the get-go and delivering sublime guitar solos and dive bombs. Throughout the album, there is a masterly metal and hardcore aggression produced with a timelessly heavy execution. The vocals are delivered with the same mighty power as the subject matter is through the lyrical content. Driven by Hate starts with a haunting guitar line that builds to a punishing impact, showing maturity and excellence are both present in the craft of their songwriting. With soaring guitar harmonies and tight chugging guitars, Blackened Skies maintains a heavy groove that draws you in with a neck snapping ability. Other tracks feature pounding double kick, huge breakdowns and a relentless drive that keeps the pace moving with a satisfying tempo.

The album itself is a thematic body of work built around the concept of the violence of our culture and our inabilities or unwillingness to comprehend and break this cycle. With a message as intense as this, it is no wonder that the every other element from the music itself to the production and artwork all reflect this same level of darkness and aggression. Each song has been created to be overwhelming in its own way while still contributing to the record as a full entity. The overall structure and tracklisting have been carefully arranged to deliver full impact and the end result clearly manifests intensity. With a debut record of such a high standard, Obstruktion have both purpose and passion and are certainly ready for action.

FFO: Hatebreed, Bitter End, Obituary, Earth Crisis, All Out War

01. Theatre Of Savagery
02. Within These Walls
03. End Of Days
04. Hopeless Path
05. In The Shadows
06. Driven By Hate
07. Monarchs Of Decay
08. Blackened Skies
09. Bottomless Graves
10. WTWB

Pressing Information:
100x Trans. Red w/ Black Splatter
200x Trans. Red

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