WODE "Wode" CD

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Released via VENDETTA RECORDS on April 13th 2016.

01. death's edifice (08:36)
02. trails of smoke (05:09)
03. cloaked in ruin (09:40)
04. spectral sun (06:58)
05. plagues of insomnia (08:48)
06. black belief (08:36)

"Six tracks of apocalyptic black metal, Wode's newest record unleashes five years of outstanding potential, finding the band on deadly form, wielding enough surprises to suggest that its work in service to the counter-cosmos is far from done." 

"...visceral black metal that’s making waves in the north of England." - Terrorizer 

"The promise of Wode has been realised. This is grand artistry, but without the pompousness of many, reliant instead simply on well produced, fierce as fuck black metal. Fantastic." - Ninehertz