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JEROMES DREAM "Presents" Tape

Jeromes Dream formed during the burgeoning post-hardcore and emo era of the mid-90s, when a surge of new genres and subgenres spread throughout the scene. At that time, many new bands, like Orchid and PG.99, were making similarly polemic music, but Jeromes Dream carved its own path and helped to define the subgenre that would come to be known as emo-violence. Jeromes Dream became synonymous with heavy emotional hardcore with screaming vocals. The band set itself apart with an enigmatic and visceral approach that was markedly different from the other music of its day. They were known for their unique live shows that were often extremely short, and singer Jeff Smith refusing to use a microphone. Their sets were always full of frenetic energy and passion that left a lasting impression on those who saw them play as well as the scene as a whole.

In 2001, Jeromes Dream recorded and released their final record “Presents” before disbanding that same year. “Presents” was a deliberate departure from anything the band did previously, which included a more refined, technical sound and new vocal stylings. The album fuses elements of hardcore, math-rock, punk, and noise, all seamlessly put together into an intense and chaotic masterpiece. Produced and engineered by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, “Presents” remains an important installation of Jeromes Dream, and a work that they remain proud of.

In 2019, Jeromes Dream announced their reunion as a band and re-entered the studio to record their first record in almost 20 years. The release “LP” was met with much acclaim from both fans and critics. Shortly after the release, the band became fully active and spent the better part of the following year on tours with Loma Prieta, Gouge Away, Soul Glo, Touché Amoré, and Daughters throughout the US, Europe, and UK. Around the same time, Jeromes Dream began talks with Iodine Recordings about a “Presents” reissue on vinyl for its 20-year anniversary. Everyone felt that this was the right relationship to bring back “Presents” in a vinyl format for the first time to give the album a new life. “Presents” was remastered by producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Gouge Away, Loma Prieta, Joyce Manor), and the album was fully redesigned with all new artwork. Nearly 20 years after its initial release “Presents” remains a powerful collection of songs that feels just as relevant, sincere and raw as it did when it was first released.

“This album still contains some of the most impressive noise rock to come out of the early ’00s.” - KERRANG!

01. This Is For Baby Fat
02. What Other Adjective Would You Have Me Use For The Word Good?
03. Do We Write To Write Right?
04. True Thinkers Will Stop Time To Think
05. Who's The Snifter Lifter?
06. Rock Song
07. His Life Is My Denim Paradise All Day, Every Day
08. Double Who? Double You!
09. 35


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