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SOW DISCORD "Quiet Earth" LP

Quiet Earth is the first full length offering from David Coen AKA Sow Discord. After a series of EPs, split releases, and compilation features on various labels in Australia, the U.S.A and Germany and an impressive catalog of remixes for The Body, My Disco, No Statik and RAKTA.

Sow Discord is a cavernous, bass heavy unrelenting sonic animal, born from a dense, complex and hyper detailed construction of samples, explosive kick drums, guitars and junk percussion, that are constantly changing shape, imploding and turning themselves inside out, creating entirely new landscapes from within and around themselves.

At times it is like watching a building crumble in slow motion, being fully aware of every small fragment of dust and debris suspended in the air before it hits the ground, settling only briefly to rebuild itself and evolve into something even more ominous and foreboding.

Sow Discords’s Quiet Earth runs with a narrative of a dangerously frightening vision of a world hellbent on self destruction. Placed in the hands of those who harbour control. Those who are able to remove themselves from a world on fire. Those with a total disregard for the warning signs that have shown themselves time and time again. Quiet Earth is a scared documentation of humanity’s unwillingness to listen. A world left with nothing but regret. A world imploding, only to be crushed and buried by the slow annihilation of everything as we watch from the center. Quiet Earth is a sound world that is the paranoia and uncertainty of living in the world today manifested.

Adding another layer to the lucid and cryptic narrative of the release, the spoken element of Quiet Earth occupies the space in between the ferocity of walls of contorted bass, metallic synthesisers and reworked guitars. It is woven throughout, at times just audible, or appearing only briefly, spectre-like, delivered in a spoken rasp that is void of a body.

Quiet Earth features Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Man / Many Blessings, Chip King and Lee Buford of The Body. It features guitars by Ben Andrews of My Disco / Agents Of Abhorrence, who is a prominent feature throughout the album and in Sow Discord’s live shows.

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