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STRAY FROM THE PATH - Evil Greed's Distro Picks

Tom Williams
, guitarist and founding member of Stray From The Path, who released one of the most politically charged and motivated albums of 2017, stopped by at Evil Greed HQ in Berlin for a new episode of Evil Greed’s Distro Picks.
Stray From The Path aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Born in Long Island, New York in 2001, the band has released eight full-length albums including their latest output, Only Death Is Real, which is essentially a soundtrack made for the protests and rallies held by liberal-minded people across America.
It is not surprising that Tom's choices include albums of bands like Swain, Renounced, Deafheaven, Citizen, AYS, King Nine, Turnover and Vein

Williams, alongside Stick To Your Guns singer Jesse Barnett, is also the co-founder of Other People Records. The label has just released No King But Me, a brand new single of Trade Wind, the band that combines the mutual creativity by none less than: Tom Williams and Jesse Barnett.