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END HITS RECORDS - Evil Greed's Distro Picks

On the hottest day of Summer, we invited Oise Ronsberger, founder of End Hits Records, to sit down with us and talk about his favorite albums.

From “World Unknown” of AYS, an album released via End Hits that he’s “very proud of” to “Threefold Misery” by 108 that changed his life as a human being. Oise also picked up “Certain Freedom” by Trade Wind, “22, a million” by Bon Iver and “Bengalo” by Empowerment, because “they speak from the heart”. The label isn’t stuck to just one genre so it’s no surprise that Oise also chose Sunn, Earth, Open City and the latest album “Negative Space” by Swain.

Ronsberger started End Hits Records in 2013 in Berlin as a home for Boysetsfire and the band’s side projects. During the years, the label has developed, and various bands joined the team. Musically, everything is closer to punk and hardcore, but the exceptions are what make the label so variegated.

The name of the label comes from the Fugazi album "End Hits," and Oise has always been influenced by the political context of the 90s hardcore scene, in which, among other things animal and human rights were clearly in the foreground. That's what End Hits stands for as a label: for a tolerant togetherness regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation, or skin color.