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GRAVE PLEASURES - Evil Greed's Distro Picks

There are still those rare bands out there in the world that have a unique ability to combine macabre, mystifying rock with a more pop-oriented flare. Grave Pleasures are one of them. The duality and the electrifying contradictions of their sound make their music so unique. When we invited Mat McNerney (vocals) and Aleksi Kiiskilä (Guitars) to record a new episode of Evil Greed's Distro Picks, we were not surprised by their eclectic choices. Heavy music flows in Aleksi’s blood that’s why he picked “Nightmare Logic” by Power Trip and the latest Thou album “Magus”. Mat’s selection ranges from the black metal sound of Ulver and Devil Master to songwriters like Emma Ruth Rundle, Chelsea Wolfe, Jay Jayle, Nick Cave, Dylan Carlson/Earth, and Linnea Olsson/Maggot Heart.