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MINOT "Equal / Opposite" LP


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Instrumental music is the new loud. The debut of the American band Minot continues what bands like Slint, Trans Am or Bastro once began. Perhaps today the legendary Slint would sound like Minot, but ultimately this comparison falls short.

Minot are more compact, their songs start immediately, capturing you in the middle of this maelstrom the three musicians unfold. Guitarist Matthew Solberg (Ex - From Monument To Masses ), drummer Shannon Corr and bassist Ben Thorne merge into a stunning unit that is much more than just the sum of its parts. It is the urgency of the pleasant aggressiveness that makes "Equal / Opposite " so attractive; this instrumental force reminds of the genius Dischord bands from Washington DC. Some of the seven tracks reminisce of the early Fugazi, just without vocals. Stunningly powerful and at the same time gentle and lyrical - Minot understand very well how to combine these opposites in their music, without falling into the all too familiar and sometimes even annoying loud-quiet scheme.

Particularly impressive is the permeability connected to the tremendously exciting, highly complex sounds, with stoic blunt beats, lyrical loops that go directly into the ear and invite you to repeated listening. As soon as the first guitars of "Allostatic Load" penetrate into consciousness, the view expands as an infinite horizon appears. A musically generated space that does not need to be filled with voices, on the contrary: the focus on guitar, drums, bass are sufficient to be magnificently entertained.

The best way to enjoy the music is as loud as possible. Only then can one experience the organic interplay of Minot in its entirety, and the enormous power of the music becomes tangible. The listener does not get a feeling that something such as vocals might be missing, because: Instrumental music is the new sound ! "Equal / Opposite " of Minot is the proof.

01. Allostatic Load
02. Tharsis
03. The Left Hand Of Darkness
04. The Horizon Problem
05. Unredacted
06. Millisievert
07. White Castle Doctrine


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