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EVIL GREED "Night Child" Specialty Coffee + Coffee Mug


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This bundle includes our Night Child Specialty Coffee as well as the fitting coffee mug at a reduced price.


In collaboration with Populus Coffee in Berlin, Germany we're bringing you the Night Child Specialty Coffee by Evil Greed. Artwork by Death By Coffee who designed the label with typography added by Branca Studio.


Taste notes: Berries, Sparkling Lemonade, Natural Wine
Origin: Carro El Aquila, El Salvador
Processing: Anaerobic Natural


Mixed berry jam and sparkling lemonade come together in this anaerobic-natural-processed Bourbon variety from the family Ruffatti-Batlle and their farm Finca El Salvador. The Bourbon trees were planted decades ago and the older they come the more complex cup notes they produce. After picking the cherries have been fermented in low-oxygen conditions for 5 days (120hours) to truly bring out all the juicy berry notes.

Finca El Salvador has been in the Ruffatti Batlle family for five generations. Rodolfo, who is representing the new generation has embarked on a mission to introduce new varieties as well as advanced processing methods to the family farm. He also collaborates with neighboring farmers by sharing his knowledge on processing techniques and exporting their products. 

Rodolfo is a fermentation specialist. FES farm is situated on top of Cerro el Aguila mountain and was traditionally planted with Bourbon variety. The altitude allows special varieties to form distinct cup qualities and Rodolfo has planted Rume Sudan, Kenya, SL-28, and Tabi among others. 

With the existing Bourbon, he has experimented with anaerobic fermentation where the coffee cherry is fermented in an oxygen-free tank before being moved to the drying beds. This enables aromatic compounds from the skin to absorb to the mucilage and finally to the bean. He has also successfully introduced controlled bacteria communities such as kombucha and water kefir to the fermentation process otherwise hard to control.


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