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CLOUD RAT "Pollinator" 2xCD

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Michigan-based grindcore cult heroes Cloud Rat return with Pollinator, the band's most intense and blistering recordings to date! The first edition is released in a limited 2CD digipak and includes an entire bonus CD of eclectic, experimental material, with elements of industrial, acoustic, drone, noise, and shoegaze. Cloud Rat have taken grind to the next level on Pollinator, and it's vicious. Over the past ten years, Cloud Rat has established itself as one of the most compelling bands in the underground. Over a staggering number of releases - four full-length albums, eleven EPs and splits, a live album, and various other comps, in one decade - the Michigan band has made a name for itself via sheer emotion and musical freedom. NPR Music called Cloud Rat's 2013 album, Moksha, "a feral, fearsome and fearless piece of work." Noisey described a live show in 2015 with these words: "Cloud Rat is one of those rare bands whose music connects instantly, painfully - you feel the words, the riffs, and the all-consuming cacophony deep within the marrow of your bones, vibrating out into a hostile world." Emerging from the space where hardcore punk spirals into grindcore, Cloud Rat is that and so much more. The band knows no limits and incorporates influences from across the map - black metal, noise, doom, goth, folk, and beyond - all while retaining its realness and urgency.

01. Losing Weight
02. Delayed Grief / Farmhouse Red
03. Seven Heads
04. Night Song
05. Wonder
06. The Mad
07. Al Di La
08. Last Leaf
09. Zula
10. Biome
11. Webspinner
12. Luminescent Cellar
13. Marionettes
14. Perla
15. 1 - ?