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BLIND TO FAITH "Unstoppable War" LP


Vinyl comes in a thick matt finished gatefold cover, download card included.

Blind To Faith are back with a merciless offering in the form of their new album "Unstoppable War”. Their most focused and savage release to date, the 9 songs on "Unstoppable War" mark a triumphant return to form for the hard hitting five piece. Their debut album "The Seven Fat Years are Over” (2009, Holy Terror) and relentless but sparse live shows instantly earned the band a cult following, establishing themselves as a premier metal/punk outfit, delivering a nonpareil brand of aggressive and heavy anti-music.

Featuring members of Rise and Fall, Inhume, Reproach and Lifespite, Blind To Faith are veterans of the scene and have been blurring the lines between metal and punk since 2008 with menacing results. Recorded at Hearse and Overdose Audio in their two home countries (Belgium/The Netherlands) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon, the band has managed to perfectly capture the sound which embodies their hostile and relentless musical and lyrical style.

While nothing has changed at the core of their sound, they have clearly pushed the songwriting envelope on Unstoppable War. It's an unsettling and bitter manifest of frustration and the endless fight for self-empowerment. And while the record is super focused and clearly showcasing the one track mind of songwriters Vince and Nabbe, the 9 songs all showcase a very varied array of influences from within the extreme music world. The full-on audio assault will certainly appeal to fans of Hellhammer, Discharge, GG Allin, Today Is The Day and Entombed to name but a few.

This release marks another paragon in the band's discography, demanding a prominent place in your record collection.

01. Force Fed
02. Critical Mass
03. Fever Dreams
04. Set Yourself Free
05. Coffin Earth
06. Circling The Drain
07. Eye For An Eye
08. Squalor
09. Endless Stream Of Disgusting Li(v)es

Pressing Information:

First Pressing:
100x Clear / Red Cross (Isolation Exclusive)
200x Clear / Red Half / Half
200x Red

Second Pressing:
100x Neon Green (Tour Exclusive)
150x Silver / Black / Red Tri-Colour
250x Silver / Black Mix


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